Product Information

More information about the products we use for our pest, lawn and termite services.

Pest Control Products

Advance375A: Label, SDS

Advion Cockroach: Label, SDS

Advion Fire Ant: Label, SDS

Advion Ant: Label, SDS

Allure MD: Label, SDS

Alpine WSG: Label, SDS

Archer: Label, SDS

Arilon: Label, SDS

Avert: Label, SDS

Bedlam: Label, SDS

BorActin: Label, SDS

CB-80: Label, SDS

Contrac: Label, SDS

Crossfire: Label, SDS

DeltaDust: Label, SDS

Demand CS: Label, SDS

Drione: Label, SDS

First Strike: Label, SDS

Gentrol: Label, SDS

InTice Perimeter: Label, SDS

InTice Ant: Label, SDS

Invader: Label, SDS

Magnetic Roach: Label, SDS

Maxforce FC Select: Label, SDS

Maxforce Complete: Label, SDS

Maxforce Fly Spot: Label, SDS

Nibor-D: Label, SDS

NyGuard: Label, SDS

Onslaught Fastcap: Label, SDS

PT Phantom II: Label, SDS

Phantom Termiticide: Label, SDS

Precor 2000: Label, SDS

Precor IGR: Label, SDS

PT Alpine: Label, SDS


Rip Tide: Label, SDS

Selontra: Label, SDS

Suspend Polyzone: Label, SDS

Talstar P Professional: Label, SDS

Termidor: Label, SDS

Lawn Products

Bifen IT: Label

Blindside Herbicide: Label

Dimension 2EW: Label

Drexel Atrazine 4L: Label

Imidacloprid 75WSB: Label

Meridian 25WG: Label

Quali-Phite: Label

Rometsol: Label

Specticle: Label

TF Micro: Label

Termite Products

Bora Care: Label, SDS

Premise: Label, SDS

Termidor: Label, SDS

Trelona: Label, SDS