Zenpura Pest Solutions offers pest control services for residential and commercial properties. We provide general pest control, lawn and turf services, termite protection, mosquito treatments and bed bug removal solutions.


The experts at Zenpura know how to protect your business, and reputation, from unwanted pests. Whether you operate a restaurant, warehouse, audited facility, office space or any other business, we have the tools and experience to keep your environment pest free.

Our service begins with a thorough evaluation of your business facility to assess your needs. Together with our clients, we create a plan that meets your needs and fits your budget.

Zenpura Pest Solutions can provide the following services for commercial clients:

  • Scheduled service to eliminate roaches, common ants, and other pests.
  • Customized solutions to address other types of pests
  • Drain cleaning and fly lights to eliminate all types of fly infestations
  • Rodent service
  • Log book management for audited facilities

With Zenpura, you can also expect a high level of service, including:

  • Service schedules that meet your needs and won’t interrupt your business
  • Timely technicians who show up when expected
  • Uniformed technicians in discreet vehicles present a professional image that won’t interfere with day to day operations at your business


Whether you live in a home, condo, apartment, or townhome, Zenpura offers comprehensive treatment plans for all residences. Working from the outside in, we can identify problem areas and craft a plan to keep your home pest free.

With our effective treatments, most homes can be serviced quarterly so you don’t have to be inconvenienced with frequent interruptions at home.

Zenpura offers the following services for residential clients:

  • Scheduled service to eliminate common pests including roaches, common ants, and other pests.
  • Wasp, bee, and hornet removal
  • Fire and carpenter ant treatments
  • Bedbug elimination
  • Other treatments to control pests unique to your home

Bed Bug Specialist

Zenpura technicians are bed bug specialists employing the latest technology to rid your hotel, assisted living facility, hospital, or home of unwanted bed bugs. Using a hothouse chamber, we heat the affected areas to kill bed bugs in a matter of hours rather than days. We can treat most infested areas including mattresses, box springs, sofas, chairs and more.

With Zenpura’s bed bug treatment, you’ll get:

  • Thermal treatment with no or minimal chemicals
  • Treatment takes hours rather than days allowing you to put your room back in service quickly
  • We can eliminate pests from beds and furniture
  • With thermal treatment, there’s no need to destroy mattresses, linens, or other infested articles and/or furniture
  • 90 Day guarantee. If bed bugs return, so will we

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