Mosquito Treatment Program

With our mosquito treatment program, we utilize industry leading products to contain mosquito populations around your home. Our service includes:

  • Misting application to all vegetation, shrubbery, and bushes surrounding your property.
  • Treatment to common mosquito resting sites including under decks, near drainage spouts, and other shady, wet areas
  • Treatment of standing water such as bird baths and garden pots with a larvicide to control mosquito breeding.

Zenpura’s mosquito program provides protection from mosquitoes for up to 60 days. To maximize results and maintain a significantly reduced mosquito population on your property, we recommend treatment every 45 days.

One way to prevent mosquitoes from infiltrating your backyard is to be aware of their top breeding places and get rid of them.

  1. Any standing water source – if you’re not using it, empty it. That goes for buckets, pools, cups, fountains, anything that can cause water to stand and not move.
  2. An open trash can or recycling bin that has collected water. Empty it, close it and check it frequently to make sure water can’t get in.
  3. Unused pools or hot tubs. If the water isn’t fresh and circulating properly, mosquitos will breed.
  4. Potted plants collection plates. Make sure to dump those out regularly.
  5. Tall grass, weeds, or shrubs. Grown mosquitoes like to rest in these areas.
  6. Clogged or slow moving gutters.
  7. Clutter in your yard like old tires, toys, containers, etc can also be breeding grounds.

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