Home Essentials Program

Zenpura Pest Solution’s Home Essentials Program is an all inclusive pest control and lawn service program that provides you a pest free home and a healthy lawn. Located in Jacksonville, Florida – we provide services to Duval, Nassau and St. Johns county.

With combined services and easy scheduling – we don’t need to enter your home in order to treat it.

Services Include:

8 Lawn Treatments Annually – to feed, fertilize, and prevent weeds for a healthy lawn.

4 Exterior Pest Control Treatments, Quarterly – to keep pests out of your home by treating it from the outside in.

Combined Services – saves money in the long run.

Easy Scheduling – since we do not need to enter your home to treat it, you don’t need to be home for your appointment. Of course, if treatment is needed inside your home, we’ll be happy to treat it at any time.

One Call Service – convenient one call service to handle all of your needs.

Guaranteed Service – if you’re not happy, we’ll address any concerns within 24 hours.

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